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Rules  - Library


  1. College ID card cum Library Card is mandatory for getting entrance and issue /return/ reissue of documents.
  2. All users shall keep their bags and other belongings (except cell phones, purse, money, credit card, laptop and other valuables) at the entrance.
  3. Students are allowed to carry two personal books in the reading room for study.
  4. Documents taken out of the shelves must be left on the table. Replacing the documents on shelves by users is not encouraged as the documents may get misplaced.
  5. Borrowers should check the physical condition of a book while borrowing to ensure that these are not damaged, otherwise, they will be held responsible for any damage later or at the time of return.
  6. An overdue charge of Rs.1/- per day per book for the overdue books issued from the Library lending section will be charged to the students.
  7. Every student should preserve their College ID cum Library Card and not give it to any other student for issuing books or availing any other library services. Any misuse of the ID card will lead to the suspension/termination of his/ her library membership.
  8. Reference Documents like Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Year Books, Magazines, Handbooks will not be issued out.
  9. Books loaned should be protected from RAIN, DUST, INSECTS, etc.
  10. Readers should not deface, mark, cut, mutilate or damage library material in any way. If anyone is found doing so, he/she will be charged with the full replacement cost of damaged material and may lead to suspension of library account and be barred from entering the library.
  11. In case, the books are lost, damaged or not returned, the concerned member will have to replace the book. Else he/she will have to pay present cost of the book or will be recovered from the security deposit. Photocopies / old books will not be accepted as a replacement.
  12. Before registering for the new semester, all the dues of the library must be clear including overdue books else these borrowing facilities shall be withheld.
  13. The library shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of the personal belongings of the users.
  14. Readers should not talk or discuss as they may disturb other readers.
  15. Use of mobile phones on Library premises is strictly prohibited.
  16. Theft, mutilation, damaging of library materials is a serious offense and appropriate action will be taken against offenders. A student found guilty, will lead to the suspension/termination of his/ her library membership.
  17. Members found leaving the Library with un-issued book / other resources will be penalized. He or she will be penalized as per rules and may even lead to debar from visiting / using the Library services and facilities.
  18. Users of the libraryshould note that all e-resources subscribed have licensed materials and cannot be shared with outside community as it may lead to copyright/license violation.
  19. Loss of Borrower`s card to be reported immediately in writing.
  20. Personal Papers and non-library materials should not be left unattended on tables.
  21. Students, faculty, staff going on long leaves like study leave will have to return all borrowed material before leaving College.
  22. A borrower is responsible for the safe custody and return of the documents borrowed from the Library.
  23. The Library reserves the right to inspect anything brought into the building. Laptops, mobile devices, bags, files, folders, coats and any other items allowed in the Library shall be subject to examination on exit.
  24. Digital Library is to be used for academic purposes only.
  25. Playing games on computers is strictly prohibited in the entire Library premises.
  26. Changing the settings and display of the computers are not permitted.