Mission & Vision
Mission & Vision


  • The college aims at ameliorating the condition of the people who are socially oppressed and traditionally marginalised by spreading the general education in the area where many SC/ST and poor agricultural families co-exist, thus continuing the legacy of ‘Bankura Sammilani Trust Body’, as established in 1911 for overall development of the area of Bankura District.
  • To train the students’ mind towards innovative thinking, because true education, our vision enunciates, does not consist insipid learning of certain dull facts.
  • Production of intellectually sound, morally upright, socially concerned and spiritually oriented men and women towards the service of the nation.
  • To bring equitable development in its surroundings through higher education that combines global trends with value based nurturing for enlightening them.



  • Providing quality education and achieving excellence in Higher education with a focus to uplift the society in future.
  • Inclusion of the local youth of the backward areas extending necessary platform for education and ensuring to them the participation of all stakeholders in the development process of the institution.
  • Bridging the hiatus between the teacher and the taught with academic acumen.
  • To dream together with reality to make the students aware of qualities latest in them and manifest them to perfection.
  • To grow the qualities of leadership, team spirit, magnanimity, morality and perfection among the students making them alert about all round development of the institution and by adopting the modern and updated knowledge in teaching learning process.
  • Optimal use of available human and natural resources for socioeconomic development providing job oriented knowledge of higher education for the development of the youth.
  • To create halcyon academic atmosphere that is pre-requisite to the excellence in the field of learning and culture.
  • To encourage the students to revive morality, sacrifice, spirituality and other human values in the modern age of consumerism and self aggrandizement.
  • To encourage all especially the women folk about their liberty and equality.
  • Making all the members of the society aware of human rights, culture, heritage ethics and cleanliness which are next to Godliness.
  • To encourage the students for engaging themselves in co-scholastic activities like joining in Activity club, participating in cultural programmes, Annual sports, Publishing wall magazines and college magazines.
  • Making provision for intellectual pursuits and sports.
  • Promotion of Humanitarian Ethos through
  • National Social Service Scheme (NSS).
  • Free studentship to the needy students.
    • National Social Service Scheme (NSS).
    • Free studentship to the needy students.
    • To reach out to community.