College Overview

Procedures and Processes for maintaining and utilizing the resources




                The Books as purchased from different sources of fund according to the requisitions of different departments are entered in the register systematically.

Issue of Books

                Students are allowed to pursue their studies in the reading room on day wise issue and submission of books.

            They are allowed home issue with 06 books (for Honours students) and 04 books (for Programme students) at a time for a period of one month.

            A fine of Rs 5/- is charged per month if any student makes delay in submitting the issued books.

            Teachers are allowed home issue with 30 books at a time for a period of maximum 03 months.

Digitization of college Library

                Almost 98% of the works for digitization has already been done. It facilitates easy issue and submission of books to the students and staff of the college with proper verification by the barcode level of each book.

            The software used in the Library is SOUL-2. Inflibnet connection is already there in our library. Students and staff get the opportunities to access the e-journals and e-books as per their choices even from their departmental internet Connections.

            A visitor’s book is maintained by the Librarian of the college, regularly for getting any kind of suggestion for the improvement of our college library.


            The laboratories are maintained with regularly with proper updating the stock register. The chemicals or other recurring items as needed day wise for practical class purpose are issued properly with balance amount as required for the future use.

            The new chemicals/other items are further ordered for purchase on recurring basis.

            The different Laboratory equipments are purchased as per departmental requirements from different sources of fund namely UGC, RUSA 2.0, State Government as well as College fund.

            The microscopes and other laboratory equipments are serviced annually for easy handling by the students and staff during practical classes.


                A total of approximately 90 computers are there in different departments of our college. Annual maintenances for computers are done for keeping them in ready use.

Sports complex

                The college ground is there at Ailakundi Mouza under Bankura Municipality with total area of 4.00 Acres of land where our ‘Sanghati Chatrabus’, boys’ hostel is also located.

            Regular football, cricket, volley ball, badminton games are held among the students and the staff of the college.

            A GYM center is also there in our college which was constructed for  VEUP/MLA fund (Rs 2.00 Lakh).

            Students practice regularly under the proper supervision of Gym Instructor.