Cultural Activities

Bankura is a hub of cultural activities that robustly carries forward the legacy of Baru Chandidas, Ramkinkar, Jamini Roy and many others who glitter eternally in the sky of art and culture. The principal of the college, himself being a folk singer of outstanding class, has always encouraged art and cultural activities to add an aura of aestheticism to the excellence of academic evolution. The effulgence of artistic quality of students is reflected when they are engaged in cultural competition held in the college every year under the supervision of teachers and students’ representatives. The sublime effect of cultural activities is attained, the college sincerely believes, not by unhealthy academic competition only but by revelation of talent latent in everyone. The cultural competitions in different formats of singing, dancing and drawing help the students to reveal their quality. Various cultural programmes are sweetly reverberated in the hallowed portals of the institution throughout the year under the guidance of Dr. Sangita Chatterjee, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and a regular performer in different T.V. Channels.