The main purpose of all education is to promote and also inculcate incisive learning bolstering clear thought and lucid understanding. Following the principle, Bankura Sammilani College has been added to the memorandum of understanding with the University of Wollongong, Australia expecting the uplift of standard of education to the pinnacle of perfection. It involves in all forms of research projects as signed by Prof. Debnarayan Bandyopadhyay, Hon’ble vice-chancellor, Bankura University and Dr. Samir Kumar Mukherjee, Principal of this college on 17.01.2017. A spirit of cooperation and reciprocity intended to be of mutual benefit activities contributes to an enduring institutional linkage between the parties.

           Similarly Bankura Zilla Saradamoni Mahila Mahavidyapith and this college both affiliated to Bankura University are linked by common academic interests and seek to develop collaborations and exchanges in the fields of shared interest and expertise.

          Following are types of activities:-

          1) Visits and formal exchanges of faculty, Scholars and administrators in specific areas of education research and outreach.

          2) Cooperation in post graduate education and training through library as well as laboratory resources.

          3) Organizing joint conferences, symposia or other scientific meetings on subjects of mutual interest.

          4) Exchange of academic information and materials.

          5) Exploring the possibilities of developing research programs and collaborations including extension activities also.

          This Memorandum of Understanding between these two colleges has been signed by Dr. Siddhartha Gupta and Dr. Samir Kumar Mukherjee, Principals of Bankura Zilla Saradamoni Mahila Mahavidyapith and Bankura Sammilani College respectively on 01.07.2019.